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The Lakes Golf Performance Clinic is a golf specific physiotherapy service that takes a pro-active approach to helping you improve your golf game, and reduce the risk of injury.  Clinical Director Bradley Takai is an industry leader in the area of golf physiotherapy and biomechanics, with over 8 years of experience.  Brad Co-founded the Institute of Golf in 2009, and has gone on to further develop his knowledge in the industry working along side some of New Zealands best golf coaches, as well as other world leading golf physiotherapists, bio-mechanists and swing coaches.

Through the application of physiotherapy, and sport science, as well as golf biomechanics, we have enhanced the formula for helping you get back on the course quicker when injured, or helping you improve your overall golf performance.

Our proof are in the results, having helped improve hundreds of golfers of all ages and ability. Brad has also been an integral part of the development and improvement of many professional golfers, including World #1 Female golfer Lydia Ko,  NZ professional golfer Mike Hendry, and Senior Tour Professional Peter Fowler.


The golf swing is a complex movement, and many golfers are inhibited in their golf swing due to physical limitations whether it be strength, flexibility, range of motion, co-ordination, balance and control.  We use a unique formula to analyse your physical limitations and restrictions, and how this may effect your golf performance and be linked with pain and injury.  We then create an individualised golf physical improvement plan.

The journey starts with a full body balance assessment and a golf specific functional screening to assess exactly how your body moves and why.  We then use 3D motion sensor analysis to take a closer look at exactly how your body moves in your golf swing.  By linking your physical qualities with your swing biomechanics we can then understand how we can improve your body for golf.  We then integrate this information with your golf coach.

The benefit of this integrated approach is that you will get more rapid, and more sustained improvements in your overall game.  You will also reduce your risk of injury and help you enjoy longevity in the game of golf.   This process of analysis and improvement through physical and technical development is applicable to all golfers regardless of age or handicap.



We are adding to our service the latest FlashWave (electrohydraulic shockwave) treatment, to address chronic injury and performance solutions.

The Shockwave Clinic uses medical shockwaves (ESWT), for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.  It is effective for acute and chronic injuries including plantar fascia pain (plantar fasciitis), achilles tendon injury, knee pain, tennis and golfers elbow, and rotator cuff injuries.


The acoustic sound waves of ESWT triggers a bioactive cellular response that releases growth and healing factors, and improves blood supply, promoting enhanced and accelerated tissue regeneration and repair. Shockwaves are non-invasive and quick and easy to perform. It is effective for acute and chronic injuries including plantar fascia pain (plantar fasciitis), achilles tendon injury, knee pain, tennis and golfers and elbow, and rotator cuff injuries.

ESWT has increased medical evidence to support its effectiveness across a wide range of pathologies and has been used in sports medicine worldwide for a number of years.

Research shows ESWT is:

as effective as 3 months of eccentric strengthening of the achilles tendon
is an effective treatment for hamstring tendon injuries
is better than eccentric strengthening and other more “traditional” rehabilitation techniques for insertional achilles tendonopathy.
It is an effective treatment for plantar fascia dysfunction and has been FDA approved for this condition
It is effective for treating trochanteric pain
Can be used to treat tennis and golfers elbow, and rotator cuff injuries.

To find out if Shockwave therapy may be appropriate for you, book in for a FREE consultation at the Lakes Clinic.