Transform the way your body feels, moves and looks at the Lakes Clinic

The Lakes Clinic is a Physiotherapy and multi-disciplinary health clinic. Our promise is to invest in you, so that you will achieve a faster recovery.  We will help you perform better. Our clients goals become the goals of our dedicated team. 

As part of our personal approach, we create individual plans that includes comprehensive treatments and support services. Our teams holistic approach focusing on whole body functional movement, while working on improving overall body balance, strength, resilience, and flexibility to help maximise your function.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a corporate worker, a builder, or are just wanting to enjoy a more active and fulfilling life, if you are looking for an accelerated recovery and improved overall performance, you are in the right place.


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    Improve quality of life and performance by effectively restoring function. We can help you get back to your best.


    We promise results from our individualised mix of fitness, wellness and support services.


    We provide personalised treatments for a variety of conditions, aches and pains.