Our People

Brad Takai – Physiotherapist / Owner


Heinrich Mollentze – Physiotherapist

With a father who is a committed rugby and cricket coach at a provincial level, I grew up on the sports fields. Having frequented the physiotherapy plinth myself, I was naturally drawn to the profession. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at The University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. I spent 5 years training and working in the hospital environment, where I gained acute experience working in intensive care, orthopaedic, neurological, surgical, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal departments. In later years I focused my attention to  musculoskeletal practice, which has remained my primary interest.

Since immigrating to New Zealand in 2017, I have enjoyed staying involved with sports teams as the physiotherapist for Papamoa Football club, as well as the Bay of Plenty Futsul team. Injury prevention and rehabilitation is my passion, but I am competent and able to treat a wide range of disorders and irritations. Apart from deep tissue massage, orthopaedic manipulations, sports taping and acupuncture/ dry needling, I also use individualised exercise programmes to help you obtain and maintain a better health standard.



Hamish Ashton – SENIOR Physiotherapist

I have 30 years experience as a physiotherapist, and 18  years practicing acupuncture. After qualifying I undertook a post graduate diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy before completing my Masters Degree. I also became a Physio Registered Acupuncturist and have since taught on the post graduate program.

Over the last 20 years I have had a strong sports interest. This has led me to work with international football teams from two countries, as well as being physiotherapist for a number of New Zealand teams both locally and overseas..

My sports work led me to develop an interest in Sports Science, I recently gained my Level 1 Australian Strength & Conditioning qualification, which complements previous  post graduate training in Sports Biomechanics and Physical Conditioning. ..

Using my knowledge from physio and sports science, niggly and repetitive problems can be  understood and helped.

My motto “Prevention to Performance” encompasses my strengths – injury prevention, rehabilitation and exercise prescription/conditioning, and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to benefit from my knowledge.


LOGAN KING – Physiotherapist

After completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at Otago University in 2012 I have gained wide and varied experience as a physiotherapist. I have worked in both public and private hospitals, helped people in their own homes in the community and more recently provided physiotherapy in a private practice setting. I am fascinated by the brain and nervous systems and the integral role that they play in human movement and performance. Rather than looking just at your site of injury/dysfunction I will look at the whole person to determine the most effective way towards positive change. This comprehensive approach is particularly effective in helping those with longstanding, recurrent and complex injuries but is just as valuable for the professional athlete or weekend warrior who is looking to unlock their true capabilities. After spending the most of 10 years working overseas and around New Zealand I am thrilled to be back where I grew up in Tauranga providing physiotherapy to the community.


Andrew Baunton – Physiotherapist



DaviD Wellington – Chiropractor

Around 8 years of practice I began to ask a core question. Am I doing the same adjustments to the same patient on each treatment session? Then perhaps I am missing something. Your spine isn’t a stand alone structure Because it integrates with visual input, balance input and muscle input. There are other factors affecting how it controls how it moves.

So I asked myself – what can I do?. First – was to do postgraduate study, the second to investigate what the best Chiropractors were doing and the equipment they are using.

As a result – The Lakes Chiropractic in Tauriko Tauranga is unique. With it’s assessment, rehabilitation and skill training equipment exceeding any Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Osteopath Practice in New Zealand.

The array of Senaptec Sensory Station, Interactive Metronome, Righteye, Motion Guidance, Vestibtech Posturography. Allows for dynamic rehabilitation, skill training, eye movement training, balance rehabilitation, falls prevention and more.


Dale Wilson – Trainer