Our People

Brad Takai – Physiotherapist / Owner


Michelle Darke – PhysiotherapistMichelle Darke

I started my fitness journey as a personal trainer 14 years ago in Canada, where I grew up. I continued to further my knowledge taking nutrition (Precision Nutrition), volleyball coaching (FIVB), and Olympic lifting (Darby training) courses. All of this combined with a love of travelling lead me to a physiotherapy degree in the Netherlands in 2018.


I strongly believe that movement, fitness, mental health, nutrition, and well-being are core part of being a fully functional human.


I want to help you get back to the best version of you!


Andrew Baunton – Physiotherapist


Laura Seator – Physiotherapist


Dale Wilson – Trainer


David Wellington – Chiropractor

Around 8 years of practice I began to ask a core question. Am I doing the same adjustments to the same patient on each treatment session? Then perhaps I am missing something. Your spine isn’t a stand alone structure Because it integrates with visual input, balance input and muscle input. There are other factors affecting how it controls how it moves.

So I asked myself – what can I do?. First – was to do postgraduate study, the second to investigate what the best Chiropractors were doing and the equipment they are using.

As a result – The Lakes Chiropractic in Tauriko Tauranga is unique. With it’s assessment, rehabilitation and skill training equipment exceeding any Chiropractic, Physiotherapy or Osteopath Practice in New Zealand.

The array of Senaptec Sensory Station, Interactive Metronome, Righteye, Motion Guidance, Vestibtech Posturography. Allows for dynamic rehabilitation, skill training, eye movement training, balance rehabilitation, falls prevention and more.