Athlete management

Team education

Warming Up: Learn safe and effective ways to warm up. A good warm up strategy not only leads to less team injuries, but overall better performance..

Injury Prevention: Injuries come from the body not being able to cope with the load placed on it. This can be acutely, like spraining an ankle, or through cumulative trauma, such as a rower developing back pain over the season. Prevention addresses both types. Cumulative injuries often come from over training or under preparation. Both of these lead to the body not coping with the loads needed to undertake the sport or task, causing tissues to break down. Acute injuries often have a biomechanical component (poor technique). Improving movement patterns.helps distribute the load more evenly through the body lessening the load on any one region.

Concussion Management: Concussion is a major concern for health professions working in sport. Due to the ‘don’t be soft” attitude of previous generations, concussions are not taken seriously compared to many other injuries that obviously limit training and performance. Being able to recognise a possible concussion, knowing what to then do, understanding best recovery strategies, and knowing when to safely return to sport and activity, are vital in a safe management strategy.

Strength & Conditioning Programs

Good performance comes from not only coaching and dedication, but also having the ability to meet the physical demands of the sport. It is well known that performance declines and injury risk increases as athletes tire. A structured strength and conditioning program that is developed for the individual and the team, which is both sport and age specific, will not only help individual athletic development but also team performance. Strength and conditioning programs are not just doing fitness, they are goal specific.

All our physios understand exercise and the requirements needed for sports performance. Hamish is also a Level 1 Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach. Talk to any of the team about how we can help you or your team