Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Since becoming a midwife in 2009 my passion for midwifery continues to grow. I love being part of the journey, watching women become mums and families expand. After having my own children I know how special that journey is.

I have full respect for our amazing bodies that can carry a pregnancy and birth with minimal assistance. I also understand that at times assistance is required and I will seek medical advice and support as needed.

I support mums to birth wherever they feel most comfortable, in hospital, at home or in our new birthing centre. I do my own secondary care (epidurals, inductions). I choose to take a small caseload of 3-4 mums per month which enables me to provide quality care and get to know my mums and families well.

My care is woman centred and I believe every mum should make informed decisions around the care they receive. Having a baby and becoming a family is an amazing life event and as a midwife I feel very privileged to be involved in the journey.

I run my clinics from10 Bristol Ave, Brookfield as well as The Lakes Clinic, Caslani Lane, The Lakes. My number is 027 308 6438.

I look forward to meeting you and your growing bump.